Divas Recommend:

“Top Ten Grammar Myths”

by Mignon Fogarty

aka Grammar Girl

I love Grammar Girl! Mignon Fogarty is one of my favorite go-to bloggers when I’m stuck and need a quick answer… and I’m too frazzled to search through CMoS (Chicago Manual of Style) to find it. Her section on Grammar at Quick and Dirty Tips is bookmarked on my laptop for easy reference. It’s especially helpful when leaving comments for authors during an edit; I may link one of her articles to help explain a concept because she uses everyday language in her explanations and she gives great examples.

In this article, Top Ten Grammar Myths by Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl over at, ten grammar “rules” are debunked as myths. Rules like “Passive Voice is Always Wrong” and “You Shouldn’t Split Infinitives” are just two of the topics discussed.

So, if you haven’t checked out Mignon’s section on grammar, go and bookmark it! You won’t be sorry!

Happy writing!

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