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Basic Plot Structure – The Five Plotting Moments That Matter

by Amanda Patterson

The hardest thing for some editors is to become writers. Yes, we write all the time. Hey, look! I’m writing now. But taking off the editor’s hat is so difficult, especially for me. Writing creative fiction has gone from typing blissfully away for hours and hours to headdesking over and over tortuously for days and days. Then ultimately scraping the whole five chapters I had written. (I’ll talk about my struggle to get past the first five chapters in another article.) But the first five stigma led me to get down to basics and start re-educating myself about simple plot structure. This is something I already know but need reminding of when I’m actually writing and not editing someone else. This lovely and simple post by Amanda Patterson helps illustrate basic plot structure. It comes with a nice graphic that I printed out and pinned to my wall.

Five Plotting Moments that Matter

Check out Basic Plot Structure – The Five Plotting Moments that Matter. It’s a great reference to have while writing.


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