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Ten Top Tips to Instantly Improve Your Writing

by Julie Lawford

I’m always looking for writing tips. Whether they’re for my personal use or to share with our readers, I like to recommend sites and authors/bloggers who give a fresh perspective and look at things from a new angle. This is why I’m recommending Julie Lawford’s article, Ten Top Tips to Instantly Improve Your Writing, from her blog, A Writer’s Notepad.

If you follow what I write at all, you know I love a good list. And this is a great list! When item #1 asks the reader to learn how apostrophes and semicolons work, you’ve sold me. But in addition to the list of things—some of which I’d never even thought of before—this article is full of links to other articles she’s written, including a very witty post about clichés.

So go and check out Julie Lawford’s article on writing tips and some of her other articles, as well.

Happy writing!


  1. Hi Jen – and many thanks for doing me the honour of such a great pingback. I really appreciate you recommending my post to your readers and I’m delighted you enjoyed my Top Ten. 🙂

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks for reading! Always happy to recommend great articles to our readers, and yours was just fabulous! I do love a good list! 🙂

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