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Stir Reader Curiosity by Beth Hill

Keeping your reader interested from the first page to the last can be a difficult task writers of fiction need to master. Not only do you have to make your story interesting enough so a reader wants to continue, but you have the learn how to keep your reader’s curiosity engaged so they can’t put your book down. While visiting one of my favorite blogs on writing is The Editor’s Blog, I came across an article by fiction editor Beth Hill. In her article Stir Reader Curiosity, Hill talks about ways to lay down breadcrumbs in your story to lead your readers where you want them in a way that feels natural so they don’t know they’re exactly where you want them.

The task of the writer, then, is to promise a satisfying ending and to drop enticing breadcrumbs along the way to keep readers on the path toward that ending.

–Beth Hill

If you want to learn how to keep your readers turning the page, give Hill’s article a read. While you’re at it, check out the rest of the blog. It’s full of great writing advice.

Now… go write something!

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