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Stages of Revision by Natalie Whipple


I’ve got revision on my mind this morning. Why? Because more often than not I have to give authors advice about where to start. When staring at a manuscript full of edits of all types and varieties, it’s no easy task to separate the forest for the trees.

It’s easy to tell someone to revise their story, but the question stands: How do I revise? What are the steps; what do I do first? Every writer has a different process, but Natalie Whipple over at Between Fact and Fiction seems to have a good system going and she’s been a doll and shared it with others.

Her advice is systematic, logical, and set out in a forthright manner. I hope you find her article as enlightening as we did. Without further ado, we give you “Stages of Revision” by Natalie Whipple.


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