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Proofreading is not editing

by Connie J. Jasperson

Every once in a while an article comes along and just explains things perfectly.

“Proofreading is not editing” by Connie J. Jasperson on her blog Life in the Realm of Fantasy is exactly that. When discussing proofreading, she reiterates that a proofreader is not there to edit; that’s been done already. A proofreader is a fresh set of eyes to comb through your manuscript, term paper, blog post—whatever—and search for words that have been left out or punctuation that is missing–“any number of small, hard-to-detect things can occur even after the most thorough of edits.”


Because there will always be some. Talking about editors, she says, “After the final edit we go over our work with a fine-toothed comb, trying to proof it ourselves. We read it aloud, and we read it from the bottom up, but our eye sees what it expects to see. We catch many things, but we don’t catch it all.”

So a proofreader is a must. Check out the rest of the article to find out what types of errors a proofreader should be looking for.

Happy writing!

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