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I LOVE STAR WARS! I still remember the first time I saw Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. I was in the fifth grade and my older sister suggested we go see this new movie called Star Wars that was supposed to be really good. So we drove to the closest theater, which was an hour away. We ended up in the front row because the line for tickets was out the door and we hadn’t left early enough to get the good seats. I still remember how I felt after the movie. The euphoria, the sense that things would never be the same again. Granted, as a fifth grader I had no idea what was going to be different, just that I’d experienced something new, refreshing, and completely different from what I’d seen before at the movies. Of course now I realize what I’d experienced was great story telling.

So in honor of the seventh movie, The Force Awakens, this week I am recommending Beth Hill’s insightful article, “Lessons From the Movies—The Force Awakens,” on The Editor’s Blog. This wonderful article reminds us that great story telling is a combination of wonderful characters, fresh plotlines, and unexpected twists and turns, sprinkled with those elements readers expect. So while readers want to be impressed with something new, they still expect some predictability to the story. And by predictability, Hill is talking about those expected elements that make a story “enjoyable and satisfying.” So give Beth Hill’s article a read. You won’t be sorry.

Now… go write something. And may the Force be with you! 🙂

(And in case you’re wondering… Yes, I’ve seen The Force Awakens twice already, bought a 2016 Force Awakens calendar, and am the proud owner of a Kylo Ren Christmas tree ornament!)

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