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Editing Pet Peeves by Laura Drake

Nothing pleases me more than reading a book without many of my personal editing pet peeves. If anyone has read my reviews on my personal blog, The Flirty Readeryou would see in many of my reviews how I praise authors for mastering show vs. tell. This is my number one pet peeve when an author doesn’t understand how to show their readers and favors telling every detail. I have more peeves like using an S on the end of the ward words: toward, backward, forward, onward. Oh and don’t get me started on authors who dislike the Oxford comma.

Today’s article speaks about two pet peeves that author Laura Drake can’t stand. In her article, Editing Pet Peeves, she calls out adverbs and dialogue tags as her cringeworthy peeves. What are some of yours? Comment below and let us know what you think.



  1. Thanks so much, Lauren, for spotlighting my blog! Sounds like we share some peeves, huh? 😉

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