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Diva Spotlight: Jen Frederick


Like last month instead of doing the Diva Interview, I decided to showcase whomever I’ve been reading at the moment. First was Elizabeth Hunter and this month Jen Frederick gets the honors. Yay! *dances a jig and toots a horn* Congratulations, Ms. Frederick!

Seriously, I like her books.

It’s not secret my genre of choice is romance. I like it all: contemporary, erotica, historical, paranormals, western, what have you. Lucky for me, I get a lot of advanced reader copies of books fo my blog, The Flirty Reader. This is where I was first introduced to Frederick’s books. I started reading her Woodlands series, then I read her Hitman series co-authored with Jessica Clare, and then finally her Kerr Chronicles series. So needless to say, she drew me in with her stories and writing.

Undeclared coverIn her Woodlands series, it focuses on a group of male friends. Most of them live in the same house, but each book is dedicated to each man and his prospective love interest. The first book, Undeclared, was nicely done. It’s a story of the budding relationship between a man stationed overseas and his pen pal in the US. You take a journey with the man, Noah, and the young woman, Grace, as they reconnect, fall in love, and navigate life together in a small college town they live in. I was hooked with the unrequited love of the pen pals from the beginning. Such a good premise. Also, there was some MMA fight scenes that made the story a bit more exciting.

In the Hitman series, Frederick and Clare take a far different theme and plot as the series delves into the lives of the sinister and last hitmysterious. Again, another series that I really liked reading. Of course, it’s also steamy like the Woodlands series. What I enjoyed more in this series is that it felt like a more developed story. The world building was better, the characters had more depth, and I enjoyed the plot a bit more. It was a more substance-filled romance. Even if it was a bit more harsh to read some of the grit and violence, I still found it very entertaining. Like I was watching a movie.

The Kerr Chronicles series, Losing Control, (I haven’t read the second in the series yet) starts off as another steamy romance centered in New York City. losing controlWhat I loved about book one was that the author really had a grasp of her setting. I felt like I was in NYC with the characters.  In this series, it was pure erotic heat. If you want a really sexy read, this book has it. Ian is a perfect Christian Greyesque mixture and Victoria is a formidable strong female protag.

If you’re in the market for some great romance with a plot, then Jen Frederick is your author to read. I just finished the fourth Woodlands book, Unrequited, and will have a review posted on The Flirty Reader. Check it out and make sure to leave some feedback for the author.

                               About the Author

Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog.  She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at  Email//Website//Facebook//Twitter//Goodreads


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