What was the last book series you fell in love with and felt gutted when it ended? Mine was the Marked Men series by Jay Crownover. I haven’t found a book series so well-written that delivered such real, gritty, and heartfelt romances in a long time. After reading Rule, the first book in the series, I knew I was in for the long haul.

Irowdyn the Marked Men series there are six main books detailing a different marked man: Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, Rowdy, and Asa. Each man has their own strengths and weaknesses that are developed throughout each book with a female protagonist that is equally able to balance and challenge the male lead. I must say my favorite books in the series are Rome, Nash, and Rowdy. They seemed to show the most growth out of all the marked men, and I felt they sent a more powerful punch in ways of plot and development that stuck with me more than the other books. Asa from the last book, Asa, was hands down the sexiest of the bunch. The character Asa first appeared in the series in Jet, book two, where he was a side character and subplot. So to finally see his story come to fruition and played out against his female lead, Royal, was the icing on a perfectly baked hot male cake. I loved it all.

Strong, tatted men, even stronger women to counter their masculinity, and a bold mixture of love and hate and attraction and strong sexual tension made these books hard to put down. Throw in some smart writing and eventful arcs, and you have a well-paced, pulled together book series. I would recommend these to anyone.

nashHell, even dudes will like them.

Along with authors Shay Savage, J.R. Ward and J.M. Darhower, Jay Crownover really writes a solid male perspective. I find that difficult to really nail, too. So, kudos, Jay!

And Lord help me, Crownover is continuing the Marked universe with Built, the first book in her new spinoff series The Saints of Denver. She’s picking up a subplot story about Sawyer and Zeb. DED! I was hoping Zeb would get a book in the Marked series but pleasantly surprised when I realized he’s kicking off the inaugural book in her new seriesone.

RomeDid I mention that I have listened to all of these book on audio? Well, I did and I think it made them even more amazing. Crownover is my go-to Audible selection anytime her books come out. Such great voice talents bring these characters to life and make them so personal for the listener.

I have also started Crownover’s other series Welcome to the Point. It’s a completely different group of men unrelated to the Marked Men, but in the same universe… or Denver, to be exact. I have only listened to Better When He’s Bad and know it’s going to be another series I’m not going to be able to put down. That’s the best thing about finding an author you really love, anything they write is something you’re going to like. You can expect certain themes or elements to stay the same but each story is so unique and every character’s voice so different from the rest that it makes reading that
particular author’s work engaging. It’s a great skill to develop such thoughtful worlds, and Jay Crownover is the master.


About The Author

Jay Crownover lives in Colorado. She loves tattoos and body modification and loves to incorporate what she sees into her writing. She loves to read, particularly any kind of great story that engages; and of course a pretty, tatted-up bad boy always makes it better.

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