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Don’t Use Five-Dollar Words by Jen Matera

This year we decided to share our favorite articles by our fellow Divas. For me, I just love this humorous look at Don’t Use a Five-Dollar Words by Jen Matera.

Serious, egad! The curse of the five-dollar words. You see them everywhere–articles on the Net, your favorite guilty pleasure read, roadside signs that leave you scratching your head. It’s enough to make one go into a screaming rant about why it’s better to keep your writing on a single grade level instead of backing one’s bags and taking an unnecessary trip to Thesaurus Land.

Five-dollar wordInstead of creating an article with “DON’T DO IT EVER” in a flashing, sparkly gif (like I would have) and leaving it at that, Jen gives concrete reasons about why you shouldn’t do this and how to avoid it. Her calm words and down-to-earth approach are just some of the many reasons why we love her and her articles. Check it out!


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