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Issues with the First Person Perspective

by Shay Goodman

I have a love-hate relationship with first person perspective, partly because of the issues I see when editing and partly because I find it too restrictive. Granted second person, third person, alternating, and omniscient perspectives have their fair share of writing issues too. So what’s an author to do if they love first person but don’t want to fall prey to the common pitfalls writers make when writing first person? Read this article by one of our own divas, Shay Goodman: “Issues with the First Person Perspective.” first person perspectiveShay discusses six areas that trip authors the most and gives suggestions on how to avoid falling prey to those habits writers sometimes have that can make first person hard to read.

So whether you’re writing the next YA blockbuster or an epic romance, if you want to use first person perspective, read this article and learn to improve your writing. Shay won’t steer your wrong and you just might improve your next book!

Now… go write something!

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