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Do You Really Know Your Old School English?

Today’s rec is something on the light side—a fun test of your knowledge of archaic English. Go ahead and try it, and see if you can beat me. (I came  in at 70%. Barely passing, but I’ll take it.) Guess I’m still not ready to write the great American Middle Ages men as knights novel. Sigh.

If you’ve never stopped by the Early Modern England blog, you are really missing out. There is always something there to soothe and entertain the history geek that sometimes masquerades as an editor. So if you were ever wondering about medieval hygiene, the history of lingerie or just want to know just what Middle Age Europeans passed off as fine dining, this is your site.

So, test your knowledge (I dare ya!), get your inner historian on, and let us know how you did!



  1. 87%. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t do better, but not too bad, I guess. lol

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