For the next two weeks, the Divas are going to break from our regularly scheduled programming by opening the vault of our past articles and recommending our favorite articles by the Divas. We hope you experience all the joys (and none of the annoys) of the holiday season and our favorite articles from Write Divas!

Divas Recommend:

It Takes a Village to Publish a Book

By Janine Savage

“Pick one article,” they said. One? No, come on, really? But Diva Janine has so many fabulous articles, how can I choose just one? Ugh!

publish a book

Image “books books” courtesy of lusi /

So I went back over some old articles and I just kept coming back to this one: “It Takes a Village to Publish a Book.” Often we hear authors say, “I have a beta—what else do I need to publish my book?” Well, this article lays it all out for you.

From beta readers to print distribution, Diva Janine explains what team members authors should line up when they’re ready to publish. This is one of those articles that should be shared from author to author over and over. The information is priceless. Go check it out!

Happy writing!

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