For the next two weeks, the Divas are going to break from our regularly scheduled programming by opening the vault of our past articles and recommending our favorite articles by the Divas. We hope you experience all the joys (and none of the annoys) of the holiday season and our favorite articles from Write Divas!


Divas Recommend:

Why Women Love Alpha Males in Romance

by Lauren Schmelz

Alpha MaleOne of my favorite articles written by Diva Lauren is “Why Women Love Alpha Males in Romance.” I had struggled with this very question in the past and appreciated her explanation of the alpha male in romance. And our readers seem to agree. This article is a favorite and continues to be very popular.

I’m not always a fan of the alpha male—mostly because I don’t enjoy a romantic lead who spends most of the book angry at the female protagonist because he’s attracted to her. As a result, he spends most of the book taking out his frustrations on her. That being said, some of my favorite books feature alpha males. It must be the combination of just the right alpha male traits… and a female protagonist who knows how to dish it right back that appeals to me. 🙂

So if you’ve had a long-standing love affair with the romantic alpha male, are just getting to know one, are writing an alpha male or simply want to read a good article, check out Diva Lauren’s article. It’s sure to please.

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