Diva Interview: Write Divas, Lauren Schmelz


Since Write Divas started its blog, Lauren has been the lead interviewer. She keeps the rest of us young with her quirky sense of humor and ready laughter, not to mention that sultry voice. Now it’s her turn to sit on the other side and answer the questions, but since she can’t interview herself, I’m stepping in this week. So sit back and enjoy the answers to those questions you’ve been burning for.


Tell us about a day in your life.

I wake up and hit snooze. Then hit snooze again. I think that’s the start to about everyone’s day. Unless you have kids like mine that sneak into your bedroom at night to sleep on the floor and you trip over their little bodies on the way to the bathroom. Then your days starts off with a body slam to the floor while you try not curse up a storm. Fun times.

But really, my days are not terribly exciting but beautifully normal. I’m a stay at home mom who is part of a wonderful editing house and also writing my first novel. If that ever really happens. Time is a rare commodity in my life, especially when I have a crazy five-year-old wanting my constant attention all day long. Top that with all the other daily chores of life and your day is pretty packed. I would say my favorite time of the day is when I get to lay in bed and talk with the hubs before we fall asleep. With all the junk getting in the way of life, we like to reconnect in that tiny moment.

So that’s my day: wake up, work, wrestle the kids, write, and woo the hubs.

Print or e-book? Why?

Gah! I know I’m going to anger the traditionalists, but I really like e-books. The reason being is that I read so much, I would never have the space to store all the paperbacks and hardcovers. When I truly love a book or series, I will buy the books. And I especially buy my friend’s books. But from a practical sense, I can count on one hand the number of printed books I read last year.

Do you blog in your PJs?

You know I’m odd. I wake up and I get ready for the day, so I blog dressed. Now at night when I have meeting with the Divas, it’s PJs all the way.

Have you read a book that you would like to rewrite the ending?

I can say that since I have a book blog, I read a large amount of ARCs. Some are very good, some are okay, and others I like to give very detailed critiques because they don’t sit with well with me. I can’t take off my editor’s hat when I read all the time. It’s ingrained. So yes, I have read many books that I would have written differently. Will I ever write that in a review, heck no. I’m not in the author’s head, so for one, I’m not coming from the same place they are. The thing about books is that many people can perceive them in so many ways and not all of them are wrong. Rather than questioning an author’s ending, I would question how they got there in the first place. The steps the author takes to build up to the arc of the story is more of the journey than what they reveal at the end. As an editor, I’m trained to look at those steps. As a reader, not so much.

What five items do you never leave home without?

This is easy because I’m so much of a get up and go kind of gal. I never leave home without my purse, phone, Chapstick, a kid or two, and sanity but that could be argued.

Who is  your favorite book character or film crush?

I’m reading Outlander right now and I’m really digging Jamie Fraser. Film crush is always Robert Pattinson but Theo James is coming in a close second.

Four Divas walk into a bar. What happens?

First I laugh at all the Divas since they hit their heads on the bar, and then we all have a drink.


Thanks, Lauren!

If you have any questions for Lauren, please comment below.


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