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Writing Exercise: Crafting Emotional Word Pictures

In today’s writing exercise, we are going to craft a scene containing an emotional word picture or EWP. An emotional word picture is a communication technique that is used to engage a person’s heart instead of their logic. Simply put, an EWP is a form of relational storytelling, usually with a message that can be comprehended better emotionally. These stories may inspire, call to action,...

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25 Jul 2013
in Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Picture

In today’s writing prompt, we are going to explore emotion. We want you to express the emotional state of the girl pictured. Dig deep into her life and thoughts. Take your time, make the most of every word. The purpose is to take this character from a two-dimensional rendering to a three-dimensional person full of life and feelings.  You have three hundred words. Go. Please...

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23 Jul 2013
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Special Feature: Interview with Janine Savage

In the coming months we are going to interview our Divas. With us today is Janine Savage, CEO of Write Divas—whom the Divas lovingly refer to as the HBIC. (We’ll let you figure out that acronym for yourselves.) Janine is an experienced editor and marketer. She has worked with notable bestselling authors such as E. L. James and A. L. Jackson. Before co-founding Write Divas,...

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17 Jul 2013
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Ask the Divas: Why Do I Need To Hire An Editor?

This week, the question for Ask the Divas is, Why do I need to hire an editor? Well, regardless of what you’ve heard, grammar still matters. Readers still care and so do publishers. Grammatical errors, weak characterizations, and plot holes are distractions that frustrate readers. Countless manuscripts are rejected each year because of these easy to correct issues. The condition of your manuscript will decide...

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12 Jul 2013
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Writing Pitfall #1: Lackluster Opening Scenes

Writing Pitfall #1: Lackluster Opening Scenes   Write Divas is pleased to present our twelve-part series, Writing Pitfalls for First Time Authors. In this series, the Divas will pinpoint the most common writing “mistakes” that will mark you as a first time author and help you avoid these pitfalls like a seasoned pro.     It was a dark, mundane, terribly clichéd, and stormy night… Opening scenes....

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01 Jul 2013
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